What is plasma?

Scientifically plasma is the forth state of matter. The small flashes or “arc’s” are created by giving molecules in the air extra energy. These tiny arcs cause micro trauma to the skin. When skin is traumatised in this way, it kick starts healing and renewing processes. The skin creates more collagen, and tightens existing elastin fibres – making the skin contract and tighten.

Does plasma / fibroblasting treatment hurt?

We use good quality numbing creams on the areas to be treated to ensure comfort. Some clients feel the sensation of light zaps, a bit like a small rubber band being pinged on the skin. Some feel nothing at all. Either way the treatment is more than tolerable. The TW Plasma device has a nano probe, so it is very small in size, and allows efficient treatment with minimal discomfort.

When will I see results?

Results can often be seen right away, they then go on to improve over the coming weeks as the skin creates new collagen and elastin fibers.

Will it leave a scar?

The outer layers of the skin have a tissue matrix which is resilient to minor trauma treatments like Plasma. This means that there is a very low risk of scarring should you follow the aftercare advice given. Lighter patches of newer skin maybe visible when the carbon crusts first fall away, however these return to normal skin colour within 2-6 months.

How long do fibroblasting /plasma treatments last?

One of the advantages of plasma treatment is its ability to last a very long time after the treatment. So long, that we would say that it is permanent. The skin will continue to age after the treatment, but results can be seen for a very long time.

Your age and lifestyle will play a part in the longevity of your results. For example if you had smokers lines treated, these are partially caused by the muscular action of smoking. If you continued to smoke your results may not last as long as someone who does not smoke – but they would still have good longevity.

What aftercare do I need to follow?

Plasma treatment aftercare is straightforward and simple to follow. The aftercare routine will be gone through with you in detail and we supply an SPF cream, healing balm and mineral concealer to compliment your treatment, all included in the price.

How long does healing take?

Carbon crusts, like small polka dots are created as part of the treatment process. These can be covered with the mineral concealer we supply, and will generally slough away around 3-5 days after your treatment. Some swelling is possible, with the upper eyelids being sensitive to this, but this too tends to dissipate within a few days.

Who isn't the treatment suitable for?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with auto-immune disorders or those taking blood thinners are not suitable for treatment. It is not suitable for those that suffer from keloid scarring. Fitzpatrick skin types V & VI are not suitable for treatment due to the risks of hyperpigmentation. We can do a consultation with you over the phone or face to face should you want to discuss potential medical issues with us before making a booking.