TW Plasma Fibroblasting Pen



Our TW Plasma Pen is for professional use only and you must be an insured plasma technician to operate this device.

The TW Plasma Device

TWPlasma undergoes a three-stage quality testing procedure and has a genuine CE Declaration of Conformity registered in Germany. Conformity includes adherence to the following standards:

• Low voltage directive: 2014/35/EU
• EMC directive: 2014/30/EU
• RoHS directive 2011/65/EU
• Waste electrical and electronic equipment 2012/19/EU
• EN 60335-1:2012-10
• EN 60335-2-23:2015-06
• EN 61000-6-1: 2016-05
• EN 61000-6-3: 2011-09

For extra peace of mind, all purchasers of a TWPlasma device also benefit from a two-year limited warranty to cover any defects, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll need it!